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Printing from your tablet or phone

  • I would like to print airline boarding passes, documents and maps from my tablet. Is this possible?
  • Sure, you just need to the right app. For Apple gadgets, AirPrint is built in to the most popular printers. Once you have your printer set up, all you have to do is choose File>>Print from any app that can print. Otherwise, get the PrintCentral app. It lets you print to any printer using Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth or a network connection without additional software. PrintCentral also prints over a 3G and 4G cellular connection, so you can print your documents anywhere you have a connection. For just about the same functionality on Android, get the ThinPrint app.

Cool Site of the Day

See wonders around the world

As technology gets better, the world seems to get smaller. Literally.

You can explore the entire world using a program like Google Earth. And you can make some amazing discoveries when you use it. So, there's nothing left to discover, right? Not at all.

Today's cool site focuses on the wondrous and curious. Explore everything from houses made of paper to bone churches, a collection of over 4,000 glass flowers, and much more.

Atlas Obscura

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