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Spot a hidden spying program

  • I'm going through a messy breakup and I'm concerned my ex may have put a spying program on my laptop. I ran a virus scan but it doesn't show anything. How can I tell for sure?
  • Spying programs, which are also known as "keyloggers" because they usually record what you type, are designed to avoid anti-virus software, so you have to take a different approach. A program like KL-Detector looks for other subtle signs that a keylogger could be on your computer. Of course, if you want to be completely safe you should back up your files, wipe your computer and start over. This time be sure to set up account security that keeps anyone but you from installing programs, and don't give anyone your passwords.

Cool Site of the Day

Remove results from Google searches

If you've been keeping up with what's Happening Now, then you know how important your digital privacy is. The government, NSA, hackers and advertisers all want your personal information, and it doesn't look like they are going to stop trying to get it any time soon.

Sometimes all that stands between you and the government, NSA, hackers and advertisers is a simple Google search. So let's pretend that you've gone through this nightmare of a scenario: You've accidentally posted sensitive personal information online. Even worse, it's already showing up in Google searches.

You can delete the post or contact the owner of the website where you posted to request that the content be taken down. Even if the post is gone, however, it will still show up in Google searches until Google updates its database. There's no telling when that will happen.

For faster removal, I have an easy solution that will only take a few clicks.

Learn how to remove results from Google searches.

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