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How to tell if a review is fake

  • I recently read your 10 funniest product reviews on Amazon. Those reviews had me in stitches, but I was wondering if there are any ways to tell if a product review is fake, aside from the humor and jokes? I know some companies post their own reviews to try and get more sales.
  • Facts are important in a review. As I recently wrote in a tip on writing reviews, staying factual can protect you from a lawsuit - click here to read it if you missed it. Make sure the review has enough facts and conclusions to go with them, like what specific features benefitted the purchaser.

    If it's just a list of product features with no information about how the product impacted the reviewer, that's either a sign the reviewer is just copying the features list, or didn't actually buy the product. The same holds true if it's just a rant about how terrible the product is without any clear reasons.

    For more on how to spot a fake review, and what reviews you should trust, click here for my handy guide.

Cool Site of the Day

A stunning map of the wind

You may have seen fire and rain, but have you seen the wind? Now everyone will be able to see the wind as it whips across the continental United States using today's cool site.

It displays a graphical representation of the real-time wind speed over the continental U.S. You can zoom in and see exactly how windy it is anywhere in the U.S.

Wind Map

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