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Battery dies too quickly

  • My smartphone is struggling to last through the workday. Is there something I can do to stretch the battery life?
  • The biggest drain on most smartphone batteries is the screen. The brighter it is, the more energy it uses. Your phone adjusts it automatically based on the light you're in, but you can take full control for extreme power saving. In iOS, go to Settings>>Wallpapers & Brightness. Set it to manual and turn down the brightness to the lowest level you can comfortably use the gadget. For Android, go to Settings>>Display and tap Brightness. Uncheck "Automatic brightness" and adjust the slider. For Windows Phone, swipe left from the Start screen and tap Settings>>Brightness. Turn off automatic brightness and choose either "low," "medium" or "high" brightness. You'll want "low" as long as the phone is still usable. Still need more battery life? Click here for even more battery-saving tweaks.

Cool Site of the Day

Watch live sports games for free

It's a tough time for sports fans. Watching all your favorite games online either means paying hundreds a month for a subscription or risking illegal video streaming. Luckily, you can enjoy some great action without financial or legal troubles!

Click here to see how you can enjoy some great action without financial or legal troubles!

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