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Save a voicemail to your computer

  • I have an important voicemail that I don't want to lose. Should I pay for one of those services that can save it to my computer?
  • I wouldn't. There are plenty of ways to do it for free. For starters Google Voice can do it automatically. I wouldn't try to set it up now, though. You might lose your voicemail. Instead, download audio-editing software like Audacity and grab an auxiliary cable. Plug the cord into your computer and your phone - this even works for basic phones. All you have to do now is hit record and play the voicemail. You can delete any extra audio by highlighting it and tapping delete on your keyboard. Save the result in a .wav file - you can convert it to MP3 with fre:ac if you need to.

Cool Site of the Day

6 sites to learn about your heritage

Maybe you're just getting started researching your family tree. Or, maybe you're an avid genealogist. No matter how experienced you are, there is one tool that will prove invaluable: The Internet, of course!

You'll find an abundance of sites to help you with genealogical searches, but it would be tedious to search them all individually. Fortunately, you don't have to, because I've rounded up the six best sites to help you research your family history.

Learn about your heritage

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