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Tip of the Day

Avoid traffic jams

  • There are three different routes that I can take to get to work. My luck, I always seem to pick the one with an accident. Is there an app for that?
  • You need the app Waze (Android, Apple; Free). Aside from the great navigation features it shares with Google Maps, Waze uses reports from other users to alert you to traffic jams, accidents, road debris, hidden and visible police, and much more, all in real time. It will automatically calculate a better route around the trouble. When you can't avoid the jams, the Traffic Bar tells you how long you'll be stuck. Now, go play the lottery! ,

Cool Site of the Day

Don't throw away money! Get the most out of your gift cards

Would you knowingly throw away money? You shouldn't have to think twice about your answer, but surprisingly, that's exactly what a lot of us do.

Did you know that since 2005 $41 billion, yes I said billion, has been wasted on unused gift cards? It's not that people are throwing their gift cards directly into the trash. Some cards get used, but sometimes there's remaining cents left on the balance.

Let's say for example, you only have $.50 left on a gift card to Walmart. How much could you possibly buy at Walmart with $.50? Believe it or not, there's more options than you would think, and I've found a site that can help make sure you never waste a penny on gift cards ever again.

Use every last penny on your gift cards.

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